We help everyone  enjoy  your website , regardless of ability and save your business from litigation and lawsuits at the same time!

Accessibility Audit & Compliance Report

We will run a FREE Accessibility Audit and Compliance report to see how your website stands up against ADA government standards and user interactions. We want your website to be ready for all users!

Cross Platform Usage & Acceptance

Your new ADA widget will look good on your website for all users regardless of what type of device they are using to access your website. It will not interfere or slow down your website functions or load time.

ADA Compliance

Pop-Up Functional Menu On Every Page!

Our Website Widget Covers
Your Entire Website!

Easy To Install Coding

We make everything easy for your website to be ADA Compliant! Our software builds a custom code just for your website that is easily installed in the footer of your website! Need help with that? No problem, we can install it for you! 

ADA Compliance

Our Full Function Widget Offers…

ease of use

Over 50+ Full Function Options

Our website app allows those with hearing and seeing disabilities use your website, buy your products and connect with your company! 

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